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Seasonal Tire Swaps


For our customers who are switching from winter to summer times, here’s a quick rundown of the finer details of swapping seasonal tires;
To swap a set of 4 tires that are pre-mounted on rims takes about half an hour, and to swap a set onto your existing rims takes roughly one hour. Trucks or vehicles with larger rims often take a bit longer, and duallies typically take between1.5 and 2 hours to swap all 6 tires.
Spierings Automotive can re-program or replace faulty TPMS sensors, so if there is a problem with your sensors we can fix it. If your vehicle is excessively rusty where the rim sits on the hub, we may take a few additional minutes to clean up the mating surfaces. This ensures that the wheels seat nicely and reduces the chance of wheel nuts loosening up.
Everyone who has wheels changed over should return to the shop after driving about 100-150kms to have their wheel nuts re-torqued- this is a free service and our shop or office staff can check them for you on the spot, so swing by anytime and drive safe this summer!

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