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In the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, rust is an inevitable problem for any car or truck. Our notoriously wet weather and constant freezing and thawing cycles throughout the winter create perfect conditions for rust to form, and we see plenty of vehicles that look well beyond their years on our shop’s hoists. Because of this, Spierings Automotive  has partnered with Corrosion Free Rustproofing products.

Corrosion Free has been manufacturing oil-based rustproofing sprays since the 1970’s. Their ‘Formula 3000’ sprays on clear so you can see the coverage it provides. It is formulated to not drip, and to creep into tight spaces or seams as it sets. We offer three rustproofing packages, an underbody (undercarriage only), essentials (includes select body panels) and complete package (includes everything you’d need sprayed).

Although it is most popular in the fall, any time of year is great for rustproofing- Many people may not realize, but exposure to the sun accelerates existing rust so there’s no reason to wait. Also, your vehicle does not have to stay overnight for a treatment, it can be picked up the same day.

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