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Engine Diagnosis & Repair

No-one wants to think about replacing an engine in their vehicle, but thankfully most engine problems can be repaired without writing off the entire engine or vehicle. Our technicians can diagnose and perform various engine repairs to emission control systems, EGRs and turbos, replace cylinder heads, timing belts, head gaskets or manifold gaskets, and more.

Many engine problems produce trouble codes in the vehicle’s computer, so diagnosing these issues often begins with a computerized scan of the engine. Any time the engine light on your dashboard lights up, it means your engine computer has detected a problem and has likely saved a trouble code. Once the codes are obtained and interpreted, they should help indicate what needs to be repaired or replaced.

In a worst case scenario, Spierings Automotive is fully capable of performing complete engine replacements. Sometimes these jobs aren’t as costly as one might expect, so we’ve installed more than a few used engines in vehicles that were otherwise in good shape.

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