SINCE 1998.

Diesel Truck Service

Spierings Automotive specializes in the diagnosis and repair of diesel truck engines. Many of our local customers rely on their trucks for work purposes, whether they’re needed for hauling heavy loads or accessing remote areas of the backcountry. We understand how important it is for these people to have a reliable work truck, as any downtime results in delays and potential lost profits on the job site. Our goal is to keep your diesel truck running smoothly and reliably to ensure that your vehicle is making you money, not just costing you money.

Our shop owner Len loves solving diesel engine problems, and regularly attends training seminars and tutorials to keep his skills and knowledge up to date with Ford, GM, and Dodge engines. Also, Spierings Automotive is capable of servicing Ford and GM trucks at the factory level, so that means anything your dealership can repair or diagnose, we can too- right here in town.

Diesel trucks are a big investment, so make sure you get the most value out of your truck by keeping it on the road and on the job. If you’re facing a sudden problem or looking to solve a nagging issue, call us anytime to book an appointment.

Simply Better Service. Since 1998.

Call 604.894.1122 or email our service department at and one of our service staff will make an appointment to fit your schedule.