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Brakes are an inevitable repair for any car or truck. Brake pads, shoes and rotors are wear items with a finite life, so at some point everyone will be faced with brake work no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. If you start to notice grinding noises when the brakes are applied or your pedal suddenly feels soft, it’s probably time for some brake repairs. If you have a ‘brake’ or ‘ABS’ warning light on your dash, it’s best to have your vehicle diagnosed by a technician right away.

Ensuring that your vehicle has good brakes is absolutely crucial, especially on our steep, winding mountain highways. Also, if you’re towing the added weight of a boat or camper, it’s good to know your brakes are operating at 100% and your ABS system is functional.

If you think you have a brake problem, call the shop and we’ll book you in for a brake inspection.

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